Monday, June 1, 2015

New Horizons

SICYC Rendezvous. The picture is theirs
Hi Blog, it’s been a while.

Dreamagic’s plans are still in place but with some modifications. Changes in circumstances means I don’t have a crew for the trip north, so rather than turn left I am going to turn right, but more of that later.

If you follow Dreamagic on Facebook you will know that we did do Clipper Cup, or to give it the correct name “The Mickey Ink Port Douglas Race Week”. In fact we got back yesterday. A bit of damage, we broke a staunchion and snapped a steering cable, but out of 6 races we got over the line in second place 5 times. On handicap we got 2 firsts, and third overall in our division. This is great, but no where near as great as the fun we had up there. 2 of my oldest friends, Chris and Mark, flew in as crew. I say oldest carefully. Old in that I have known them 30 years, not old in that they are decrepit. Then again.

We also had a new chum who is about our age and is new to this life. Ian has bought a yacht but hasn't actually sailed on one. (Doesn't everyone do that? Read Becoming Permanent Crew. link above.) Our local sail maker suggested Ian make himself known to me and I would teach him all I know. That took about 45 minutes but he is such an easy guy to get along with that generally either he sailing on my boat or I am sailing on his.

To wander off the track a bit here, if you do have a passion that consumes you, like sailing does to me, then it would be worth taking the time to share that passion with other people if they are keen. I was lucky enough to do that with Ashley, and now with Ian. It’s obviously great for them, but that is returned 10 fold when you get to enjoy the experiences you know so well through their eyes.

Back to Clipper. As you can imagine, if the crew consisted of just the four of us it would have been a pretty tame week. Born To Be Mild, cocoa at 8 after the races and before an early night. So to balance the crew, and add the glamour we invited Penny, Lauren and Emily.

What happens on Race Weeks stays on Race Weeks so we can’t talk about the days, or the nights. However it was great, we had a ball, we did well, and that’s why we went.

So what is next? On the 18th July I am taking Dreamagic in company with Ian’s yacht Green Nomad, to the Whitsundays for a couple of months. I have an advert for crew on Gumtree which is bringing in results. We expect to have the boats there by the end of the month. Then I am going to float around for a while, watch the Airlie and Hamilton Island Race Weeks, before setting off on the return trip. I have an advert on Gumtree for crew for that too. I am going to go to the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club for their Rendezvous, ( and set off north straight after that. I MAY do Magnetic Island Race week, depending on who the crew and what the consensus is, but both trips I am thinking slow cruising, take in Hinchenbrook and the Islands, fires and Sundowners each night. I can think of worse things to do.

If anyone is interested in joining in any of this, see 2015 Looking for Crew.

Capt'n W