Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yeppoon. Next to Yerpork.

Dreamagic at Yeppoon
Sleep was impossible after our marathon sail last night so we thought a breakfast at the Marina Restaurant would help. Well actually it was going to be coffee at the restaurant and breakfast on the boat as we had eaten here before and it was too early to call the bank and get an extension on our line of credit. On the walk up I mentioned that I had not had a bacon sandwich since Rona’s doctor had called me an obese binge drinker on my last , and only visit some 6 months ago. ( My bulk billing Indian GP wouldn’t say that to me. Then again she might, I can’t understand her. Rona’s Scottish doctor, very exclusive, 12 months waiting list for a pregnancy test sort of woman insults me, whacks me $75 for the privilege, and says she wants to see me again in 3 weeks. As I told her, “No chance. I am not paying $75 to be insulted when I have a woman at home who will do it for free.")
It's all in the presentation
I digress. I mentioned I fancied a bacon sandwich and Rona said she would treat me. I questioned their ability to actually create such a culinary masterpiece but I was assured by my wife that it was not that hard. Bread, butter, bacon, butter, bread. In that order, not that difficult. Right? Wrong.
I have never had an open bacon sandwich before. Where is the other slice of bread? Obviously made by the same girl who didn’t notice the dredge for the past month.
On a roll, (excuse the pun) we decided to bus into town. Stopped at the Sailing Club which is truly magnificent and had a bottle of wine while we waited for the restaurant to open. On ordering the waitress mentioned that drinking in the morning was a good way to start the day so I explained that I had now been up for 29 hours straight and was hoping this would act as a night cap rather than an aperitif. At midday the restaurant opened for business, we ordered another bottle of wine to help the digestion of our selection, and I assume we caught the bus back to the marina.

Dreamagic at Yeppoon

I have written about the Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club before and am pleased to say that nothing has changed. Nothing, even the same customers are still there. The playful puppy from 12 months ago is now a playful young dog but everyone else is occupying the same position in the bar they were in when we left. Like Groundhog Day, we ordered the same $4.50 Rum and Cokes and $15 bottle of Pinot Gris and carried on with the discussions we had left last time we were here.
Our weather window has slammed shut and we now have rain and more rain accompanied by wind and more wind. Dreamagic is in a huge berth for a change rather than jammed in so we’ll just commute between the Fish Co op, the Sailing Club, the coffee shop  and the boat while I give some more thought to the words of Rona’s Doctor.

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