Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 30 Pancake Creek 3

Pancake Creek
Australian Mainland North of Bundaberg

10th February 2011

Still Up the Creek

We had torrential rain last night although morning produced the promise of blue skies. We readied Dreamagic for sea and waited for the forecast. 20-25 knts South East with 2.2 metre seas, Friday 20-25 easing to 15-20 in the afternoon.

Not good, but we decided to try and given that we were on a falling tide decided not to delay. Consequently we were out of the channel and into the sea by 07.30. We called VMR Round hill and told them our intention to make our way to Round Hill Creek. By 09.00 we were back. The sea is very big and with wind on wave it is kicking up a real chop. Dreamagic is slamming down the back of every fifth wave or so and our speed over the ground with engine on and half jib up is less than 3.5 knots. Clearly a trip to Bundaberg, 60 miles away will have to wait. We called VMR Round Hill to inform them we were staying another night at Pancake Creek. Her response was "I thought you might. It takes a couple of days for the seas to die down".

We returned to our anchorage, licked our wounds and considered our options. The best course of action would be to wait here until tomorrow late morning, hope the promised easing wind arrives, and then scoot around to Agnes Waters, just 12 miles away. Rona will get internet coverage there so can catch up on her work. The weather is due to abate at the weekend so we can do the two big legs we are facing, Bundaberg and then Urangan in more clement weather.

A shallow but protected anchorage
What shall we do now? As typical of the Poms, first thing on the agenda is a cup of tea. A bit of cake wouldn’t go amiss either. Rona fired her laptop thinking that she could get a lot of the emails composed at least and then send them when we had coverage. However, through some freak of atmospheric ultra violet radio wave bounce we have coverage here! Now we don’t. Yes, we do! No we don’t. Rona spent the next three hours sending about a dozen emails on a system reminiscent of 2400 bps baud rate that I, showing my age can remember. It would start with promise, slow down half way through, pick up again where it left off, forget what it was doing and start again or actually finish the job. I am talking about the signal here! I then checked my gmail account at the server level and managed to update the blog for the past three days. At least Willi’s fans now know what is happening. I was worried that there would be calls to the Coast Guard, Channel 7, that sort of thing. I half expected to see David Koch pose the question on Sunrise TV one morning while Willi, who can see him through the frozen digital signal for one second in every six, sits impotent, not being able to tell the teary Housewives of Australia that he is OK.

I think perhaps being on the boat too long in close proximity to one other person, to the exclusion of the rest of the world affects the brain. One suffers flights of fancy not experienced when living in the balanced world of Terra Firma. Back to earth, or in our case water, I spent the afternoon getting thrashed at Scrabble before pizza cooked on Mountain Bread,  accompanied by a glass of rough red brought the evening to a close.

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