Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 37 Moololaba

We plan to leave here for Brisbane tomorrow so today is a layday. Rona had some work to attend to but mid morning we wandered into town. Lunch was at the surf club followed by a surf. We have decided to come back here for Easter after watching the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone so we also booked berths for Time Lord and Dreamagic for the holiday.

A phone call from the marina office requested we move because a 24 metre Police Launch wanted the berth we were on. Always willing to help the boys in blue we vacated our berth and after much huffing and puffing managed to get her relocated.

Rona's mother Erica visited in the evening with her friend Zeta. Jannelle Suffern also dropped by and with Chris and Graham, boat owners from the marina, the party was in full swing when the Police arrived.

Very grateful that we had moved for them, they showed us around their boat. Rona got to sit in the command seat and play with the various knobs and switches. Eventually the girls ran out of questions, the Police went into town to have a few beers and we fired up the BBQ for steak.

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