Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 20 Yippee! Yeppoon

31st January 2011
Rosslyn Bay Marina
Yeepoon Queensland

Do I stay or do I go? In this instance our choices are simple, but with big consequences either way. There should be a window of NE wind about lunchtime, but it will swing to the South East and strengthen later in the evening. Yeppoon is 60 miles away or about 8 hours with the wind behind us, 10 hours with the wind ahead. If we go, then we face bad weather near Yeppoon. Staying looks the option but the weather forecast is then to deteriorate, and as an added complication,TC Yazi is in the Coral Sea.  We don’t know much about this one except that it is near Vanuatu at the moment and it’s big. If we stay we are up this creek for another four days and I really don’t want to weather a cyclone in the middle of a lake.
The morning started with rain showers but less wind than forecast so we decided to go for it. We crept past the Island Head rocks again and out to sea where we set a half headsail and motor sailed towards Yeppoon. For once the Wind God smiled on us and although the forecast North Easter never appeared, it was just off the bow which meant that three tacks got us to within 10 miles before the heavens opened and visibility came down to less then 100 metres. We found the break in the marina sea wall and found our allocated 13 metre berth. This was without the shortest 13 metre berth Dreamagic has ever been squeezed into but we got the first three quarters of the boat in before we ran out of concrete. With our backside hanging out, (but in line with all the other boats), we closed her up, stepped onto dry land for the first time in 6 days and went to the Yacht Club for a well deserved beer!

What a Yacht Club should be
Capricornia Yacht Club is one of my favourite clubs on the East Coast. It is really small and intimate with the focus on sailing, a rarity in these days of a Clubs main focus being to make profit often at the expense of providing a service to those members who pursue the activity for which the club was founded. However, although it has only 300 members, there are plans on the wall to knock it down and build a two story structure with a function room, restaurant, etc.  Ah, well. We had a couple of drinks there and watched the news. TC Yazi is huge! 1000 kms wide, more destructive than Katrina that flattened Darwin, and on her way. Leaving Island Head was a good call.

Silver Service, Yeppoon Style
Rona felt that after the day we had experienced, dinner at the marina cafe was preferable to cooking on the boat. We found a table, got the menus and a wine list. The cheapest wine was $30. No meal was under $38 and sides were an additional $8. Sitting on steel chairs on a patio. I must say the meals were huge, and beautiful, but Christ! Yeppoon or Monte Carlo? The staggering to the boat was from still trying to recover from the bill rather than any excess of alcohol but we slept the sleep of the innocent until 5.30 am


  1. Hey Alan,

    Jeremy here, you're beginner sailor from November 2010. I just wanted to wish you luck with Yazi and hope for the best with Dreamagic. Glad to see you got out of Cairns! All the best from USA.

  2. I'd say go. Club Shirl is looking very appealing at the moment. Always a bed here. Stay safe! Sal and John