Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 6 On the Hippy Trail

8th  January 2011

Nelly Bay Magnetic Island

Day 6

An early start due to some very threatening weather saw us around Magnetic Island and into the marina at Nelly Bay. The last time we were here was for race week. It is very different at the moment, very empty. We tied Dreamagic to her berth, booked in, and went to a café for breakfast.

A touch of retail therapy, in my case at the hardware store for rope and glue and I spent the next hour fixing the dinghy while everyone showered, shopped or “just did their thing.” Magnetic Island is like that, very hippy.

On the Hippy Trail
We met around lunchtime for a swim in the resort pool and lunch on board. Mark wanted to hire a mini moke to complete the transition from respectable businessman to surfer beach bum. Eventually he got a purple one and he and Isobelle went to burn some rubber around the island.

In the evening we found a great little pizza place and shared pizza served by ocker Aussies, washed down with red wine while listening to Spanish flamenco. The  atmosphere proved to much for some, who decided to put on an impromptu dance in the carpark. (See photo). The management were impressed enough to give us two bottles of wine which followed what we had brought before returning to the boat, or in some cases sneaking into the pool for a midnight dip.

Carpark Dancing

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