Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2 Fitzroy to Dunk Island

A Dunking at Dunk

Day 2
Dunk Island

After a very wet night we woke to find blue skies, a flat sea, and no wind. I wanted an early start so we kicked the motor over at 07.00 and motored to Dunk Island, some 60 knms away.
Dreamagics’ usual routine of opening beers at 10.00 (It’s five o’clock somewhere) is spoiled by the fact that our guests don’t drink much alcohol. A very sober Dreamagic sailed past  High Island, Russell Island and The Barnards to get a good jump on the trip. It’s so different from when we came through here in September. Then it was 30knts on the nose, now it’s 5 knts from behind. We are still motoring though!

The big event was Christian demolishing the companionway stairs. He is a very big man to say the least and the bottom half of the two part stairway over the motor just pulled the screws from their housing. Fortunately I have some stainless steel screws on board and with the aid of a power drill I managed to make repair.

After a magnificent lunch of Asian wraps with smoked salmon and Atlantic salmon we sat on the transom and took turns dunking each other.

Wind! One hour out of Dunk the wind had reached a heady 9 knts so we hoisted sail and reached for home. Of course it dropped out as soon as we had the sails set but none the less we raced for the anchorage at the frightening pace of about 3 knts before dousing sail and dropping the pick.

Christian and Claire cooked the beautiful evening meal of Moroccan Chicken washed down with a little wine before Christian serenaded us on my guitar. God, we eat well on this boat! The evening sky was crystal clear and star gazing was the sport before retiring.

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