Monday, April 22, 2013

Yeppoon Still here!

We had finally realised what is causing our run of bad luck with the weather. Kelsey, a  good friend of Dreamagics’ is currently working at Gladstone for a mining company. Her roster allows her only Saturday afternoon and Sunday off and without much to do in a mining camp she is bored. The devil makes work for idle hands as they say so Kelsey, by her own admission has spent the past week putting a hex on the weather so that we will get caught in Yeppoon and give her someone to visit when the weekend arrives. Sure enough on Saturday her 4 wheel drive arrived in the marina car park and she unloaded enough grog to last a fortnight, a colleague of hers who was working the same shift and was also a bit bored., and Susan the Bow Cow who had sneaked aboard to have another go. The three girls had driven the 2 hour journey . The colleague, Dominique or Dom had lived up to her name and brought French Champagne as a way of saying “thank you for letting me stay” (Tip for anyone thinking of joining Dreamagic. That always works) and we proceeded to party aboard. The Yacht Club was having a function for someone’s 25th and although we were invited, and the locals were keen to meet the now three women I have with me on my Honeymoon we decided we might not fit in so stayed within the confines of the boat. More or less. Rona had spent the morning making one of her superb curries, to which we added another from our freezer. The vote in the morning was that they were probably very good and she should make them again some day so that we can truly appreciate them.
Breakfast with the birds
The next morning the sun was up, the day was still and still full of the Joi de vie of the previous night, we decided to take the boat out for the day. Stumbling out of bed, still in their nighties the girls got Dreamagic ready and we backed out of our berth. Our next door neighbours handed our lines as we said our goodbyes, slipped out through the Harbour Wall and set our sails. Fantastic.  The wind was blowing about 10 knots, from about 45 degrees to the bow for once and Dreamagic slipped through the water like the greyhound that she is. Breakfast! What do we want? Bacon and eggs. We don’t have any. They do at the restaurant. Let’s go back.
30 minutes after saying Goodbye our neighbours were handing our lines again as we returned to our dock for victuals. The crew scarpered up the dock to the Waterline Restaurant where coffee was drunk, bacon and eggs were devoured, and hangovers attended to.
Jimmy Buffett, eat your heart out
Kels and Dom finally left for the trip back to Gladstone, leaving Susan in our care. We whiled away the afternoon before going over to the Yacht Club to say our goodbyes, or in Susan’s case Hellos and Goodbyes. There was a wine tasting being held and although we paid the quite exorbitant $5entry fee so that we could tase the wine, we decided that’s ticking to one favourite that we know rather than mixing wines would ward of any after effects. The hosts, as always were fantastic and plied us with food while the event took its course. We have met some wonderful people here. Everyone is so friendly. Once the crowd had thinned a little a guitar came out and musicians took turn to give us a tune. Lyle was a professional singer and did some great Jimmy Buffett and Neil Diamond. The star o f the night was a girl who said she could only play base and could not sing before giving us a wonderful couple of songs in a style reminiscent of Loreena McKenitt , her voice mixing hauntingly with the clear tropical sky.
When at a party, I often ask people “Do you sail”. The answer is always “Yes”, and they go on to tell you their achievements at chartering in the Whitsundays for a week 12 years ago, “No” and we change the subject or “A Bit”. Watch that one. They say nothing but have done 6 Hobarts, 9 Gladstones, 3 Trans Pacs and an Americas Cup. So it is with guitarists. Thank God for once in my life I said No.
We are definitely leaving here...tomorrow. 

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