Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We're Back!

Its that time again when the weather starts to turn cold and cruising folk start looking towards following the sun. Our plans are to take Dreamagic to Mooloolaba on the 12th March, park her there for 10 days while we get married, and then sail her North to Cairns via Bundaberg and the Whitsundays arriving at our winter home at the end of April.
A great plan that has been dreamed of and looked forward to for nearly a year. So why is Dreamagic still sitting in her pen at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron? Because the Mooloolaba Harbour has silted over to the extent that we can't get in there. Speaking with the local Coast Guard their view is that attempting to cross will probably result in the loss of the boat, and perhaps death.
Rona, my bride to be feels that the loss of Dreamagic and a possible drowning may put a dampener on the proceedings so the new plan is to sit here until next Tuesday, when we will drive to the Sunshine Coast, get married up there, drive back and leave around the 23rd for a long stretch straight to Bundy, or hopefully a calm bar crossing at the Wide Bay Bar.
Meanwhile Dreamagic strains at her lines to get free of the dock she has been tied to for the past 18 months. I know how she feels.

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