Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dreamagic in 2013

Ah, me hearties! It's been a long time between blogs. Dreamagic is sulking in a pen at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron and is currently being used as no more than an apartment. A luxury apartment grant you, with 360 degree water views, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, three showers, etc, but there is a huge rising damp problem...oh, that's the harbour.
Other than as transport for a couple of boys weekends down at Canaipa Dreamagic has not been sailing for ages. My beautiful thoroughbred fast cruiser is reduced to straining at her mooring lines as she watches the other boats go out each Wednesday for Wags. One should not attribute human emotions to inanimate objects, (they hate it), but I know Dreamagic is not happy.

However all that is about to change. 2013 is the year Dreamagic follows the sun back to Cairns. Probably a June departure, she will be at Hamilton Island on the 18th August to scoop old friends, or rather friends of long standing Nerida and Craig and we'll take the boat to Magnetic Island for Race Week which starts on the 29th.

That seems a long way out, but the planning of these things take that long.  The Race has to be entered, insurance, berths and hotels booked, flights arranged. Today Dreamagic has been visited by the rigger who will check the rig, tune it and hopefully sign it off. Next week the mechanic comes down to wave his magic spanners over the motor, and after the New Year the cabinet makers come aboard to fix the damage done on our Louisiades trip. Dreamagic loves being centre of attention, (she is such a media tart) and I swear has got 2 foot longer and 5 shades whiter since people have started making a fuss of her.

And before all this, she is going to Southport YC for New Year. So, if anyone is around the Gold Coast over the coming holiday, come down and say hi. If anyone's plans will mean they are somewhere on the East Coast of Queensland next year, let us know and we'll try to rendevous. Meanwhile, it's great to be back!

Capt'n Willi

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