Monday, August 15, 2011

Airlie Beach Race Week, Race 3

Yesterday was the best day we’ve had. We,or rather I am still having trouble with the starts. There doesn’t appear to be any sound signals and as we are the fourth division to get away there is some confusion as to the start time. It doesn’t appear to be even be on a whole minute so it could be 10.32.23 or something. Anyway, today is the day to get that sorted.
After a start that was about 4 minutes late we had a great sail to windward and caught a considerable number of the fleet, including our old nemesis Sundowner. On the downhill leg I elected not to fly the kite until we could get that sorted out today.  As we watched the fleet slip away I had a change of heart and we got our kite out. The problems of yesterday disappeared and Dreamagic took off like a cut snake lifting her boat speed form a sedately 5.3 knots to over 10 in places. Of course the boats that were getting smaller in front of us suddenly started to get a lot larger as we tore down the track, but we left the run too late and we got 16th.

Today is a lay day. A day of rest, it’s a bit like a Sabbath on a Monday. And boy! Do we need it. Last night the whole crew was so tired that our customary banter around the dinner table gave way to silence as we worked our way through a beautiful pork with garlic mash and hot and sour sauce. Bed was a 7.30 and when I got up this morning at 06.30 no one had stirred.

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