Thursday, April 7, 2011

WAGS 6th April. New Friends


Rona, Simon, Linda, Rob, Chris, me

Rona and I have spent the past week in Cairns to pick up my car and some boat bits. We drove down, arriving late Tuesday for the Wednesday WAGS.
A long time since Dreamagic did a sail change!
After the shocking weather we have been having I was hoping that the Gods would give us a break but the forecast was not looking good. What with being tired from the two day drive it was tempting to cancel but with crew on the way we took up our normal position at the bar.

The day was fantastic!!! The wind blew about 25 knots, and the rain stayed off. We rigged with the number 2 we had brought from Cairns and a reef in the main It was immediately apparent that was still overpowered so we furled to about half the jib. Simon Coxon, an old friend of Rona's  had joined us for the day. (Actually, that should probably read "A Friend of Long Standing." Simon is younger than me!) He has "done a bit of sailing" so I gave him the helm and Dreamagic surged around the course like a cut snake. The crew work was great and we finished somewhere in the first half of the fleet.

We had decided to party on Dreamagic rather than go back to the club so Rob, then Chris took turns to play guitar while we sang, supped wine and ate BBQ’d snags. Linda and Simon were in little shape to drive so the guest rooms were utilised, Chris Waldron and Rick stopped by later having flown in from Melbourne. A great day out.

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