Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 24 Goodbye Rosslyn Bay

4th February
Rosslyn Bay

The day broke sunny and clear so we walked to around the headland to the service station and had a cold drink and read the papers. Having completed the repairs to Dreamagic we spent a while putting everything away and cleaning up before catching the bus into Yeppoon. We went specifically to buy a mop and have a final lunch. The mop was easily found and lunch was to be the Kepple Bay Sailing Club.

It has tobe said that the Kepple Bay Sailing Club has done quite well. On one side of the street is a huge building which is right on the beach. it houses a restauarnt, several bars and great views. on the other side of the street, directly opposite is another equally large building which houses the gaming machines, another restaurant and more bars. These facilities are on the most impressive pieces of real estate in Yeppoon and must be worth millions.

Perhaps it was the effect of the past few days, the cycone, the fire, the weather, but one bottle of wine turned into two, which then made three seem like a really good idea. We could not catch a bus, the broom was not an alternate means of transport for Rona despite what one patron of the Club said, and we finally summonsed a cab to take us back to our farewell party at the Capricornia Sailing Club.

We met with Steve and Dulcie, Mitch and Meg, Rosie and Tommy and enjoyed a BBQ and yet more alcohol. Back to our boat for some very suspect home brewed Baileys before saying our goodbyes and falling into bed.

Rosslyn Bay has to be the friendliest yacht club and marina I have ever been in. The residents are fantastic and it is very hard to say good bye. One thing that is for sure, we will be back on our journey North.

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