Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 13. Still Mackay

We24th January 2011

Mackay Marina

Ww are back! After a week in Brisbane, Rona and  left this morning at some ungodly hour and arrived in Mackay at about 10.00am. We had a great time in Brisbane, Rona got her business side of things under control and I caught up with old friends and made some new ones. Thank you to Harriet for getting up and driving us to the airport. I appreciate that is a huge effort.

We had done most of the top up shopping in Brisbane as we don’t have transport in Mackay. There was an interesting moment when we opened the overhead lockers “carefully, because things may have moved during the flight”. In our case it was potatoes and various vegetables that threatened to cascade upon the floor but we finally struggled off with our victuals intact.

It was a glorious winters day without a cloud in the sky as we joined the boat. Unfortunately there is a tropical cyclone, Anthony hanging off the coast North East of us. Only a category one and travelling east it SHOULD present no problems.

We stowed the gear aboard and started undoing the preparations that we had in case of a cyclone while we were away. Extra lines were removed, the dinghy was brought up from below and the boat was aired. The wind is still blowing at 20 to 25 knts but the forecast is to ease from tomorrow. Given it is midday and Digby, the nearest Island south is 42 miles away we have decided to postpone departure until tomorrow when the weather will improve.

Besides, it is the 13th day of our trip, (not that sailors are superstitious, touch wood!) and the waterfront bars and restaurants at Mackay are very seductive.

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