Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in the Coral Sea

Last night Rona and I had dinner on the boat followed by drinks at the Yorkeys Knob Boat Club. I was up at 4.00am so started tidying up the Dreamagic Blog. I want to use the tracker that plotted our progress on the net when we went to the Louisiades but the coding is proving reluctant. Maybe it just doesn’t want to go on this trip! However it was finally working and you can see the result on the “Where are they now” page of this blog.

We went into Cairns at about 7.00am ,  had breakfast and bought some last, last, last minute supplies. It’s funny how the longer you wait to leave, the more things you can think of to buy. Finally we headed back to the boat, took her to the fuel wharf for a top up, and headed out to sea. Good bye Yorkeys!

The forecast is for rain. 500mm in two days to be exact. My reckoning is that if the radio is suggesting that we watch for flash floods, out at sea is the best place to watch. We motored to Fitzroy in a very flat, rain lashed boat. The nearer we got the more the rain came. Wind joined the circus, gusting to 35 knts but without any swell it wasn’t a problem. We were hoping to get one of the three public moorings at Fitzroy but we found exactly three boats here when we arrived, each on a mooring. Not wanting a repeat of the anchor drag waltz we are so good at, we picked up a brand new mooring that had been laid by the resort. I was for “let’s beg forgiveness rather than ask permission” but Rona called Buddy, the resort manager that we had met briefly some three months prior, reminded him of our association and asked if we were Ok here. “Sure” was his reply. “Great, we’ll leave in 5 days time then” before sweetly thanking him and hanging up. She would make a great salesman. Oh, she already is.

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