Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are we nearly there yet?

The anchorage at Fitzroy continues to be very rolly. This is an excellent anchorage in a South Easter but a nightmare in anything with North in it. Our mooring leaves Dreamagic actually in the beach break so she has a tendancy to pound a bit. None the less we have met some great people and hosted a lunch on board Dreamagic for Ed and Meg who braved the trip over in an 18 ft Contessa!

A phone call in the morning rather changed our plans though. The Fitzroy ferry, which was supposed to bring Mick and Nik, our guests for the week has been cancelled due to the weather. As they have flown up from Melbourne, arriving at midnight and staying in a hotel to wait for the now defunkt ferry we can hardly leave them there. Dreamagic made the trip across that the ferry could not on a flat sea in about tow and a half hours. Back to Yorkeys for beaustiful dinner of coconut and lime chicken washed dwon with far too much Vin Blanc.

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